Review: “Bettmann Creates a Jewel”

News: July 20, 2009

Our performances in the Fringe Festival went better than we could have hoped for. Thank you to all of our family, friends, and colleagues who showed up and sent their well wishes. We got a great review on He wrote,

“Somewhere over Washington, D.C. this week Dylan Thomas is smiling… Robert Bettmann took Thomas’ film script “The Doctor and the Devils” churned it with his creative sensibility until the cream rose to the top. Skimming off the lyricism he created a new work, “All All-Good-Men-front-final-for-web-by-Nancy-BrattonGood Men” that premiered Thursday night at D.C.’s Capital Fringe Festival with an additional performance tonight. It is truly a jewel and a tribute to the commonalities between poetry, literature and dance. Using a dramatic presentation of the script as his score Bettmann creates a symphony of movement literally bringing form and texture to the content….Bettmann has created a work of art that establishes his ability to mine gold out of our literary vaults and craft his discoveries into complex and beautiful pieces. This production will be turned into a film over the next few months. It’s a work that serves as an example of artistic craftsmanship and one that should inspire writers and poets to think of their work in terms of dance. Bettmann shows us the essence of literature and it is that essence that makes great art. One hopes that this performance and these performers will give us abundant opportunities to enjoy their contribution to this world’s desperate need for art and beauty.”

Click here to check out the whole review.To see the Artistic Director’s blog posts about developing this performance, click here. To see additional video clips of the work in progress, connect with Bettmann Dances on Facebook by clicking here.

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