Quis Custodiet Ipsus Custodes?

Who Shall Watch the Watchers Themselves?

Quis project image by artist Johanna Mueller

Inspired by the biblical story of Cain and Abel, Day Eight’s Quis project is a community exploration of security. The project is organized around creation of an evening-length dance concert.

The mission of the project is to encourage engagement with the issues of citizenship that are embedded in discussion of local, community, and national security. The project is interested in how we – as individuals and communities – define and pursue security.

“Especially since 9/11, and the financial crisis, I’ve been grappling with issues of national and personal security, and I know I’m not alone,” project Director Robert Bettmann said. “What can we do to be safe — as individuals and communities — and how does that impact security outside our communities?”

The company began the Quis project through a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Quis project teamed with glass and video artist Tim Tate (video/set design) and artist Johanna Mueller (image design.)