Bettmann Performance at Artomatic

News: June 15, 2009

Rob got a very positive review of a very impromptu dance in the Artomatic-hosted Dinner Party the other night. You can see the whole review here. Here is the excerpt:

“Best on the program was a truly impromptu number that came into being because a dancer, Sylvana Christopher Sandoz, needed for the evening’s final item, had sent word that she was running late. Rather than announce a long intermission, one of The Dinner Party’s hosts – Amanda Abrams – accepted an offer by Kate Jordan, choreographer of the final item, and Robert Bettmann, a former participant, to improvise a duet. Available was a bouncy piece of country western music. Jordan and Bettmann courted to it with a jaunt as fresh as new mown clover. She, streamlined, had force, speed and unabashed glee. He, lanky, pretended to be laid back but was all angles – sensually so. I’ve seen him dance before but not so seamlessly and cleanly. Together, this pair nonchalantly fused hip hop and bits of ballet to a square dance stride and conjured up the likes of Lil’ Abner and Daisy Mae’s grandkids. It is a generation that has been to the Big City, at least via the television tube.”

You can see Rob’s post about this on his blog here.