Publication Announcment: Book ‘Somatic Ecology’

News: May 23rd, 2009

41ok9CbD5XL._SL500_AA240_On May 23rd, 2009 the German publishing house VDM: Verlag published a book of environmental theory by Day Eight founder Robert Bettmann.

Somatic Ecology: Somatics, Nature, Humanity and the Human Body presents a new theory connecting the body to the environmental crisis. The book jacket states,

“Many people argue that we are in a deepening environmental crisis. To develop adequate responses to these growing problems, we need to find the most complete ways to think about the world, and our place in it. While it seems odd at first: if the body is valued as a knowledge source, a more ecologically balanced relationship may emerge between humanity and nature. The theoretical underpinnings for this idea include earlier theories of environmental ethics, the study of the history of the body in western society, and the study of outputs of Somatic practices. To develop a healthier relationship with nature, we might start by listening more closely to the part of nature with which we are most intimate – our bodies. Changing the existing relationship toward our natural selves involves challenging human/nature and human/body dualities. Somatic training methodologies can play a critical role in re-valuation of the body as a source of knowledge.”

To learn more about Somatic Ecology, check Robert’s blog posts about the book. To buy your own copy on Amazon, click here.