From Gregory Luce

As you know, Day Eight strives to support the arts in all forms. One of the most important ways we accomplish this vital task is by providing a space where artists can showcase and write about their work. In 2016, we expanded this endeavor with our revitalized poetry publishing program. As Board Chair of Day Eight and Literary Editor of our journal Bourgeon, I am very proud to have published poems by a number of fine poets this year. For example, in November, Megan Alpert took us to China:

“In Xi’an I’d wake / in the dark, unable to find my hands. / Remember how we went for oranges? / We held them, sweet and tart, the only bright things / in the sudden fog.” (from “Kahee and the Dark“)

In May, J.D. Smith tried to sell a farm:

“You get the feed lot’s smell from that direction. / The stream is muddied by a neighbor’s goats. / Let’s step inside. The gun rack’s over there. / This far from town, you’ll want a gun somewhere.” (from “Working Farm for Sale“)

And in August, Kate Horowitz wrote of a mysterious kitchen fire:

“There is no fire extinguisher / In the photo of the kitchen fire; / Perhaps my boyfriend / Had gone to get it. Still my mother and I / Are not leaving. My sister / Has reached for her camera.” (from “Kitchen Fire“)

These excerpts should give you some idea of the variety and excellence that we have been privileged to share with our readers. Please visit and read them all if you haven’t already.

If you, like us at Day Eight, value and appreciate such work and would like to see more, please consider an end-of-the-year gift to Day Eight. You can make a secure donation here:

Thanks for your support and Happy New Year!


Gregory Luce

Board Chair