Bettmann on NPR Kojo Nnamdi show

Thanks to our spring intern, Georgetown University junior Juliana De Souza, we just closed the submission period for the fourth annual Student Arts Journalism Challenge. Day Eight publishes the arts, and we also – through this annual competition – support the field of arts writing.

Day Eight recently won a small grant from the Humanities Council of Washington that will allow me to work with Washington Post culture critic (and 2013 Pulitzer Prize winner) Philip Kennicott toward next year’s competition. As part of that grant I’ll be interviewing Philip in a public conversation in DC about the future of arts journalism. Once we have a date I’ll let everyone on our list know about it.

We’ve published some great articles on Bourgeon over the past few weeks, and I hope you’ll click through and check out:

– Liz Lescault’s article about her forthcoming show at VisArts in Rockville.

– Jack Hannula’s article about his current show at Tryst, and his new travelguide for painters.

– Film-maker Chris Lynn’s article about his new movie, The Baoying Window.

Shout out to new Bourgeon editor Daniel Barbiero for bringing in two of those pieces (and more coming, he says.) Thanks, Daniel! Pleasure working with him.

In case you missed it, Ellen Hill wrote a few months ago about what was then an upcoming solo show at the Steven Scott Gallery in Baltimore. That show is live now, and you can visit the show at the Scott Gallery through June.

Last week was DC’s Arts Advocacy Day, and I was invited to be on the Kojo Nnamdi show on NPR to talk about arts advocacy. We had a great discussion, and you can listen to the show here, and below is a picture a friend took of me with our host Kojo Nnamdi, Washington Project for the Arts executive director Lisa Gold, and arts writer Kriston Capps post-show.

My sincere thanks to you for reading, and to each individual donor whose collective support allows Day Eight to continue doing this work. If you haven’t donated recently, thank you for clicking through and making a donation, and please don’t be shy contacting me to donate with your time. We need the help!


Robert Bettmann
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– Over memorial day I’ll be in Boston, interviewed by director Sanford Lewis talking about my book/theory of Somatic Ecology, and the role of dance in the environmental movement. Selections from the interview may be included in his forthcoming film about the dance form Contact Improvisation. If you’re in Boston let me know, love to catch up.

– In early June I’ll be moderating a panel on the future of arts journalism at the annual Dance Critics Association conference. Thanks to Robert Abrams for the invite.