Art Rental Sunday May 6th 2018

Inspired by the Oberlin College art rental project, which for more than thirty years has allowed college students to live with real artwork in their dorm rooms, and through a partnership with the arts center BloomBars, and funding from the DC Arts Commission, we have more than twenty works of art to loan for $5 dollars for four months.

To preview the artwork available for rent, visit

 What’s an Art Rental?

None of the artwork in the Art Rental is available for sale; it’s all only available for rent. For $5 dollars, for 4 months. Looking at art in a museum or gallery is great. But you have a whole different relationship with art that you live with. But art collecting isn’t in the budget for a lot of people. Thanks to a grant from the DC Arts Commission, and the partnership of Day Eight and BloomBars, we’re able to offer an affordable art rental opportunity, modeled on the art rental offered at Oberlin College.

How do I Rent the Artwork?

The art rental will occur Sunday May 6th, 2018, beginning at 1:00pm, and will occur “first come, first served.” The art rental is taking place at the Gallery at Bloombars, located upstairs at 3222 11th Street NW, DC. To rent artwork you must have a valid photo id and $5 dollars cash or check.

Screenshot of works available in the rental on the DC Art Rental site –