Goddesses Incognito by Susan Meehan

Susan Meehan’s second book published by Day Eight was produced within a project supporting the practice of poetry by senior citizens. Directed by Robert Bettmann, the project was funded through grants from the ride-sharing company Lyft and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Goddesses Incognito was published September 15, 2018.

John Lingan wrote, “Goddesses Incognito is a wise delight.”

Anne Becker wrote, “Meehan knows where the mythic, the deeper significance of human experience, hides under the familiar, the familial.”

To download a sample of poems from Goddesses Incognito, click here.

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To visit a page on this website for Susan Meehan’s first book, Talking to the Night, produced through her win of the 2017 DC Poet Project, click here.

The cover art for Goddesses Incognito is by conservation photographer Jim Dougherty.

Author Susan Meehan