Many art lovers aren’t able to become art collectors but there is a special enjoyment – and bond – from living with art. Beginning in 2017, Day Eight will¬†offer an art rental program that will allow area residents to live with local art for a small flat fee.

Check back soon for information on the Art Rental Preview Show and to sign up.

If you’re interested in serving as the corporate sponsor for the 2017 art rental, please contact Robert <at>

Artists confirmed to participate, and examples of their artwork are featured in the gallery above, include Rebecca Silberman,Camille Mosley-Pasley,Sylvie van Helden, JT Kirkland, Judith Peck, Sherill Gross, Rosemary Covey, Judy Bryon, and Sean Hennessy.

Our art rental is inspired by the Oberlin art rental.

Ellen Johnson on Art Rental from Allen Memorial Art Museum on Vimeo.