The DC Arts Writing Fellowship is designed to support the transition of early career arts writers to the profession. Through the paid fellowship, early career arts writers develop a portfolio of published work, and receive structured and unstructured mentoring from established writers.

The application period for the 2019 fellowship is now open and link to the online application is at the bottom of this page. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Fellowship Details

Fellows will be hired for Spring (Jan-May), Full Year (Jan-Dec) and Fall (Sept-Dec) 2019 periods. Selected fellows will embed with partnering publications, or be supervised by a selected editor. Fellows are expected to write as assigned by partnering publications, or the selected editor.

Fellow payment is made per story, and is decided by the assigning editor — as they would with an outside freelancer, based on the experience level of the writer, the complexity of the story, and the existing freelance pay scale for the publication. Fellows are paid between $75 and $200 per story, and guaranteed a minimum of five assignments. For all stories, fellows are paid a “freelance plus” rate, greater than the rate an outside freelancer would be paid for the same story at the same publication.

Fellows are hired in two cadres: college age and recent graduates, and early career of any age.

The majority of articles written by fellows are expected to be arts criticism (review or preview.) In 2019 selected fellows will be placed with The DC Line, Tagg Magazine, and DC Theatre Scene. Fellows may also have opportunity to be special assigned to additional publications.

In addition to the core responsibilities as arts writers, fellows are required to:

  1. manage their own social media publication channels to support readership of articles produced;
  2. assist in management of the organization’s social media publication channels to support readership of articles produced;
  3. participate in structured and unstructured mentoring with the fellowship mentors and directors twice a quarter;
  4. participate in the connected Arts Writing Conference to be held Saturday March 23, 2019.

The DC Arts Writing Fellowship was founded in 2016 through support from the National Endowment for the Arts, and is produced by the non-profit Day Eight, founded by Robert Bettmann. The mission of Day Eight is to empower individuals and communities to participate in the arts through the production, publication, and promotion of creative projects.

Application Details

The selected applicants will:

  • demonstrate expertise writing about one of the following areas: music, dance, film, visual arts, theater, performance art, or literature
  • maintain a professional social media presence
  • demonstrate experience taking responsibility for direct work products
  • demonstrate passion for arts journalism

Applicants must provide: 1) a resume, 2) a cover letter, 3) a relevant sample article written by the applicant.

The application period for 2019 Fellowships is now open – click to view the online application form.