Bourgeon is an arts magazine written by artists. The word Bourgeon is French for ‘bud’, as, ‘a bud on the limb of a tree’. Writing about art is not the flower itself; it is the bud. Click here to be taken to the online magazine website.

Bourgeon does not have staff writers; we have staff editors. The staff of Bourgeon do not write content for the site. The editors find artists (or artists find us) and work with each individual to produce an artist-written preview of work in progress. If you are an artist, and you’d like to write about your work for Bourgeon, please contact the managing editor at

Founded in July, 2005, Bourgeon’s mission, through our online publication and community initiatives, is twofold: to increase participation in the arts and to improve access to the arts. Bourgeon serves as a bridge-builder between contemporary artists and audiences. Although artists and audiences are diverse, often they are not equally represented in the mainstream press. We believe that greater involvement in the arts can strengthen individuals and communities. Bourgeon projects the voices of artists, helping them document their work, and leading audience toward personal and social understanding of arts issues and art-forms.

Bourgeon is a program of the not-for-profit Day Eight. Following the printing of 7 issues, Bourgeon moved online due to financial constraints. Bourgeon still needs your help to continue. If you like the publication, please donate to keep it going. All contributions are tax deductible. Day Eight is grateful for past support provided by private and foundation donors in support of Bourgeon. Day Eight is grateful to the The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, The Humanities Council of Greater Washington, and numerous individuals.

The Masthead

Managing Editor – Robert Bettmann

Associate Editor – Heather Desaulniers

Editorial Assistant – Kathryn Boland

Assistant Editor – Jessica Wilde

Publisher – Day Eight

Past editorial contributions have been made by: Brian Buck, Diana Dinerman, Naima Prevots, and others.

To learn more about the DC Student Arts Journalism Challenge, click here.

To learn more about the Bourgeon Prints project, click here.

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