Talking to the Night

The cover of Talking to the Night by Susan Meehan, published August 15, 2017 by Day Eight

Published August 15, 2017, Talking to the Night is the first book of poetry by Susan Meehan, winner of the DC Poet Project.

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“This chapbook is filled with many big surprises. ‘War Effort: Rationing’ finds Meehan remembering a wrinkle in time. The home front is also an introduction to home. Meehan writes of New York and being Irish. Her poem about the women in her family creates a lyrical memoir. The love poems in Talking to the Night are filled with tenderness as if they were flowers letting go of petals. Meehan has learned the tongue of birds. Her poems speak of wings to come. Yes, there is much talking to the night and listening to be done. This book opens the window to the many good days to come.” — E. Ethelbert Miller, Editor, Poet Lore

“Susan Meehan brings the same passionate commitment to her poems as she has to her life as an activist. Talking to the Night is populated with works that grab your attention with their clarity and fierce honesty—just read ‘Envious in Long Island,’ ‘Virtues,’ ‘War Effort: Rationing,’ ‘Saturday Morning Lesson,’ ‘We Are Eldering,’ ‘Today,’ for example, to get a taste of this. Or, better still, read them all—her poems’ authoritative power will fill your spirit.” —Terence Winch

“Susan Meehan’s Talking to the Night whispers directly into your bones. Her poems speak with a wisdom gathered through family, love, humility, and a poet’s fearless vision. She looks at life. She never looks away. These poems gaze into life’s sighs and pauses, with the courage to hold the pain close. She even reminds us that ironing is prayer. Her poems are so tender, so true, she celebrates aging, she savors a well-married harmony, she even knows she must speak for crows. These poems make you wish she lived next door. If we listen carefully to Meehan’s beautiful poems, they will make every day, even our last day, a very good day.” —Joseph Ross, author of Ache, Gospel of Dust, and Meeting Bone Man

“Susan Meehan’s ‘Talking to the Night’ is bursting at the seams with decades of braided memories. Her weighty collection moves with the fullness of a life that’s not afraid to stare death in the face. It’s not nostalgia. Rather, Meehan gives us honest-to-goodness time travel through tablecloths, alleys, and blood. Meehan’s work is endless satisfying with its steady refrains and burgundy hues. The curve at the end of the road always catching you by surprise.“— Danielle Evennou

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The cover image is by conservation photographer Jim Dougherty.

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