The Bourgeon Book

An Anthology of Contemporary Art in the Words of the Artists Themselves

Bourgeon has been publishing articles by artists about their work since 2005. The online archive is now a snapshot into the lives and process of contemporary artists. To further promote the words and work of the artists in the magazine, the non-profit Day Eight is publishing a Bourgeon Book with selected articles from the first five years. Through the compilation and distribution of online-published Bourgeon articles in this book, Day Eight will preserve the work of artists in the arts community. The artists selected for the book are:

Maida Withers, Heather Risley, Kathryn Boland, Jon Gann, Heather Desaulniers, Steven Shafarman, Casey Maliszewski, Jan Tievsky, Sabado Lam, Lori Clark, George Jackson, Michael Bjerknes, Cheryl Palonis Adams, Doug Yeuell, Judith Hanna, Loren Ludwig, Valerie Durham, Daniel Barbiero, Laurel Victoria Gray, Alvin Mayes, Jonathan Morris, Ken Manheimer, Nancy Havlik, Cem Catbas, Jane Franklin, Kevin Platte, Tehreema Mitha, Gesel Mason, Aysha Upchurch, Kelly Mayfield, Dana Tai Soon Burgess, Daniel Burkholder, Joan Belmar, Prudence Bonds, Judith Peck, Megan Coyle, Michele Banks, Tim Tate, Jenny Walton, Jessica Beels, Salvador Casco, Alec Simpson, Camille Mosley-Pasley, Al Miner, Laurel Lukaszewski, Andy Shallal, Patricia Spears Jones.

Between December 2011 and March 2012 an editorial committee read through the archive and selected the best articles from the first five years. The Editorial Board for the book included: Robert Bettmann (Editor), Kate Kretz (Artist), Heather Desaulniers (Dance Critic), Diana Dinerman (Dance Scholar), Kathryn Boland (Dance Scholar), Cheryl Palonis Adams (Scholar and Editor), John Shields (Editor), Gregory Luce (Poet and Editor) and Naomi Thiers (Editor.)

Day Eight will manage production of the book, including through creation of a fundraising campaign to support publication, and the book will be published summer 2012. The book is being designed by Passent Saad, and will feature a preface written for the book by Leonard Jacobs (New York Department of Cultural Affairs, Clyde Fitch Blog.)

With support, Day Eight will place the book in local libraries and public schools, thereby informing and inspiring the youth and future generations of DC residents. If you are interested in supporting the book through donation or sponsorship, please contact Managing Editor Robert Bettmann at

The project is supported by an Advisory Committee including George Jackson (Scholar and Critic), Laura Smith (Writer and Business Owner), Jack Hannula (Artist and President, Arts Club of Washington), Kate Kretz (Artist), Dr. Judith Hanna (Scholar), Dr. Naima Prevots (Scholar), John Shields (Editor), Michele Banks (Artist), Sara Hill Isacson (Writer and Business Owner), Adah Rose Bitterbaum (Gallery Owner and Curator), David Ramos (Designer), Joy Ford Austin (Executive Director, Humanities Council of Washington.)

Editorial Assistants for the book project are: Emily Adams, Nate Hochstetler, Clare Donnelly, Melissa Brooks, and Jacqueline Drayer.

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