All books published by Day Eight are available. We’re a small organization, working on our capacity to make these easily available online, and through area and national book-sellers. If you’d like to buy any or all of the books you can email books <at> to make arrangements.

Love for Her by John Johnson (September 2018) $11.00

Native Washingtonian John Johnson has played many roles, including actor, public radio contributor, Kennedy Center performer, and father of two. Now he adds two more: poetry competition winner, and poetry book author. Johnson is the 2018 winner of the DC Poet Project and in this his debut collection the author equally documents love relationships and the grievances of black life today. E. Ethelbert Miller, Editor of Poet Lore, wrote, “There is tenderness in his lines when he writes about love. When he remembers childhood and things happening in school, we know he is sitting in the front of the class. John Johnson’s poems are filled with black energy when read aloud and plugged into the ear.”

Goddesses Incognito by Susan Meehan (July 2018) $11.00

Goddesses Incognito is the third book of poetry by 2017 DC Poet Project winner Susan Meehan. Developed with support from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and within a partnership that brought Susan and additional poets for workshops around the city, Goddesses Incognito celebrates the strong women of Washington, D.C. and their colorful experiences.

Talking to the Night by Susan Meehan (July 2017)

Talking to the Night is the first book of poetry by Susan Meehan, winner of the DC Poet Project. National book award winner Terence Winch wrote, “Susan Meehan brings the same passionate commitment to her poems as she has to her life as an activist. Talking to the Night is populated with works that grab your attention with their clarity and fierce honesty.”

Bourgeon: 65 Artists Write About Their Work (December 2016) Ebook only: $14.99 on Itunes, $9.99 on Kindle

The book includes artwork and writing by sixty-five artists: painter, poets, film-makers, musicians, and choreographers. All of the included writing was first published in the arts magazine Bourgeon, a project of the non-profit Day Eight, but the book includes additional galleries of images, audio, and video. The Bourgeon Ebook was made possible buy grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities DC, and individual and corporate donors. 

Bourgeon 50 Artists Write About Their Work (July 2015) $25.00

Edited by Robert Bettmann, the Bourgeon book includes fifty articles from the magazine’s archive 2005-2013.

Jonathan Katz, executive director of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, wrote, “The book is full of revelations about works of art, about how artists work,” and Michael Kaiser, president of the Kennedy Center wrote, “I highly recommend it for any arts library.”