All Good Men Have to Do for Evil to Win is Nothing


All Good Men image by Nancy Bratton

“Somewhere over Washington, D.C. this week Dylan Thomas is smiling… Robert Bettmann took Thomas’ film script ‘The Doctor and the Devils’ and churned it with his creative sensibility until the cream rose to the top. Skimming off the lyricism he created a new work, ‘All Good Men’ that premiered Thursday night at D.C.’s Capital Fringe Festival with an additional performance tonight.

It is truly a jewel and a tribute to the commonalities between poetry, literature and dance. Using a dramatic presentation of the script as his score Bettmann creates a symphony of movement literally bringing form and texture to the content.”

– From the Examiner review, titled “Bettmann Creates a Jewel”

All Good Men is Robert Bettmann’s theatrical adaptation of a Dylan Thomas film script. Thomas’s storyline follows a doctor pulled into a series of murders. Thomas’s story, based on a real-life crime from the nineteenth century, explores how the doctor’s personal life and experiences influences his decisions. For this production, Bettmann adapted Dylan’s 121 scene film script into a 21 scene theater script. All Good Men premiered in the Capital Fringe Festival July 16th, 2009. Centrally, the project explores how the central characters are pushed along on slippery moral slopes.

How Hard video clip
Beata video clip
Scarred up video clip

Subsequent to the evening-length premiere, the company created an installation adaptation of the work, “The Fun House”, for performances at the Hamiltonian Gallery in 2010.

Cast for the recorded script: Fani Cyd Geroff, Marisha Bourgeois, Ashtan Moore, Dane Figueroa Edidi, Robert Bettmann.

Cast for the stage: William Smith, Rachel Merga, Emily Horton, Robert Bettmann, Sylvana Sandoz, Jessica McCoy.

All Good Men postcard design by Nancy Bratton.