Day Eight’s mission is accomplished through support for live arts programming, including choreography and community initiatives directed by Day Eight’s founder, Robert Bettmann.

Quis poster by artist Johanna Mueller

Quis poster by artist Johanna Mueller

Quis Custodiet

Quis Custodiet is a multi-year community exploration of security. The mission of the Quis project is to encourage engagement with the issues of citizenship that are embedded in questions about local, community, and national security. The title for the project was inspired by a saying attributed to the philosopher Piccarus (sixth century BC), “Quis Custodiet Ispus Custodet?” —  “Who Shall Watch the Watchers Themselves?”

Read press coverage of Quis here.

The company began the Quis project with the support of over fifty Kickstarter contributors. For the project Robert Bettmann collaborated with renowned glass and video artist Tim Tate (video/set design) and artist Johanna Mueller (image design), as well as project partners Susie Cambria, Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts, Lorelei Kelly, and Kathryn Pasternak.

National Security Agency whistleblower Thomas Drake was an Honorary Host for the project’s premiere.


All Good Men poster by Nancy Bratton

All Good Men

The company’s first evening-length production, All Good Men, a dance theater adaptation of a Dylan Thomas filmscript, premiered in the Capital Fringe Festival July 16th, 2009.

Cast for the recorded script: Fani Cyd Geroff, Marisha Bourgeois, Ashtan Moore, Dane Figueroa Edidi, Robert Bettmann.

Cast for the stage: William Smith, Rachel Merga, Emily Horton, Robert Bettmann, Sylvana Sandoz, Jessica McCoy.

To see blog posts about the creation of All Good Men, click here. Postcard design by Nancy Bratton.

Excerpt from the review of All Good Men by Ron Moore in The Examiner titled “Bettmann Creates a Jewel”:

Somewhere over Washington, D.C. this week Dylan Thomas is smiling… Robert Bettmann took Thomas’ film script “The Doctor and the Devils” and churned it with his creative sensibility until the cream rose to the top. Skimming off the lyricism he created a new work, “All Good Men” that premiered Thursday night at D.C.’s Capital Fringe Festival with an additional performance tonight. It is truly a jewel and a tribute to the commonalities between poetry, literature and dance. Using a dramatic presentation of the script as his score Bettmann creates a symphony of movement literally bringing form and texture to the content…

The Fun House

Postcard design by Sean Kallich for Hamiltonian Artists.

Conceived and executed as a multi-media installation performance, in October of 2009 Bettmann Dances performed a multi-media adaptation of All Good Men in a co-production with the Hamiltonian Gallery. You can see an excerpt from a performance of The Fun House here.

The Fun House was performed by Rachel Merga, Emily Horton, Robert Bettmann, and Marisha Bourgeois with the assistance of friends.