What is Day Eight?

According to the United Nations Development Programme, there were 1.2 Billion malnourished humans in 2004. Even in a world of 1.2 BILLION malnourished humans, ESPECIALLY in a world of 1.2 billion malnourished humans, there is a place for art. Art makes us remember, and helps us transcend the decision and indecision that led to 1.1 billion malnourished humans.

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Rehearsal image from Day Eight’s Quis project; photo (c) Washington Post

The name for this non-profit, which is an arts non-profit, is a reference to both the process of life, and art – which is to say, the process of being in the moment. The world is created with every word, and every dance, in every moment. Every breath we take is a new beginning. Every time we blink we start again. Our programming is designed to contribute to the audience’s awareness through performances, classes, workshops, and publications.

Day Eight’s mission is performed through the operation of two programs: a publishing program and live arts programming.

Why Day Eight?

In some faiths it is said that the world was made in seven days. The name Day Eight asks us to remember that every day is the eighth day, the first day after creation. Day Eight’s programming strives to expand the understanding of possibility, inspired by the act of creation as necessarily connected to a moment in time. Remembering the moment of creation – this moment – may be helpful in allowing creation of future days that are happier, healthier, and more fun.

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